Reports: Any Nets offer to Blatche will be non-guaranteed


Andray Blatche is going to have to prove it. He used up all his get out of jail free cards with the Wizards, now he is going to have to prove his worth to other NBA teams.

Take, for example, the report before that the Brooklyn Nets may have interest in Blatche. That was followed up by this note at

Even if the Brooklyn Nets take a flyer on Andray Blatche, they won’t be offering the free agent big man a guaranteed contract, league sources told ESPN The Nets currently have 13 players with guaranteed contracts. If they do fill their remaining two spots, they will be with training camp invites/non-guaranteed deals who end up winning the spots, league sources said.

What that means is the Nets can cut him during camp if they want. It’s an NFL-style contract. With the second highest payroll in the NBA, the Nets are not going to add a guy they don’t think can help when games tip off. Blatche comes with risks in the locker room and on the mental end of the game, and teams are going to want to see something out of him before they take a chance.

That said, some team will take that chance before the regular season tips off.