Shane Battier reminds us that Yao Ming was very good


Miami Heat forward Shane Battier was taking questions from fans on twitter Thursday night and one answer was interesting (hat tip to Sheridan Hoops):

 Yao Ming RT @LeonD17: @ShaneBattier Best player you played with other than lebron and dwade

When you look at Battier’s other teammates over the years it makes sense. Tracy McGrady was on some of those Rockets teams but by that time it was a broken down McGrady who was a shell of his former self. There was Pau Gasol in Memphis, but peak Yao was better than peak Gasol.

Some tend to think of slowed, often-injured Yao first, but the Yao of 2004-2007 was a force of nature. He averaged better than 22 points and 10 rebounds a game twice, shot 52 percent for his career and could both dominate on the low block and knock down a midrange jumper. He was almost impossible to defend.

Yao was a great player who had his body betray him at too young an age. A loss for all of us.