Once again watch Harden say he wants to stay with Thunder


That video is from a Spanish-language broadcast (you’re going to figure that out pretty quickly) and interview with James Harden.

Nothing earth shattering revealed here. He says the Thunder are young and improving.  That they have a real brotherhood. He does pick Kobe Bryant as the best player he’s seen, but he throws in a Durant mention as well.

And he says for about the 346,298th time that he wants to remain with the Thunder after next season. To briefly recap, after the Serge Ibaka deal the Thunder will have to go into the luxury tax area (at least $7 million, maybe more) to secure Harden a max deal next season. If they don’t offer it another team will and they will have to match. It comes down to that. I fully expect the Thunder will let this go until next summer than match the max offer he gets, but it will have to play out. And while it does Harden will keep saying — in every language — how much he wants to be on the Thunder.