Video: Watch Dwight Howard block a kid’s shots in pop-a-shot


First, my favorite part of this video is that the pop-a-shot game in China has chain-link metal nets like you would see on an outdoor, black top court. I love that sound.

Aside that, this Dwight Howard is doing his Dwight Howard clowning around thing. He’s hamming it up on his tour of China where he is trying to sell shoes (adidas) and rehab his image. Which is going to take a lot of work and some rings on this side of the Pacific, but over in China they may not care. Howard is goofing off, playing pop-a-shot and blocking some poor kid’s shots.

By the way, clearly Dwight’s back is doing well enough he can take extended international flights. A few weeks back he couldn’t take a plane across the country to see the kids at his own youth camp. So apparently that back is making some rapid progress. I’m sure that’s it. What else could it be?

Hat tip to Ball Don’t Lie.