Mike Miller back in the gym, gearing up for Heat season


Last July, a lot of people expected the Miami Heat to amnesty Mike Miller. Despite his stellar shooting in Game 5 of the finals, his body had largely given out on him. It would be easier to list the body parts on Miller that were not injured. Hobbling would be a good way to describe him on the court.

But the Heat didn’t amnesty him, they kept Miller. Because Pat Riley said they would.

So while the Heat added sharpshooters in Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, Miller tweets he is working to get back on the court following off-season surgery.

Gr8week being back in the gym FINALLY Way 2long of a layoff slowlybutsurely feelN better Feels good getting ready 4 another year #LETITFLY

We will see if Miller ever actually gets on the court.

Mike Miller not only will make $5.8 million this season, he is on for $6.2 million next year and has a player option for $6.6 million the year after that. If you think he’s going to just retire after this season and walk away from $12.8 million… well, would you do that? If you just said “yes,” I’d like to thank you for reading this blog, Mr. Gates.

As the Heat deal with a large payroll they may have to revisit the amnesty of Mike Miller. Just not now.