Kevin Garnett has made more in NBA salary than anyone. Ever.


Kevin Garnett took a pay cut to come back to the Boston Celtics this year. It’s three years, $34 million. We’d all like a pay cut like that.

But it was still enough — with his new contract Kevin Garnett passes Shaquille O’Neal as highest career earner in NBA history.

WarriorsWorld tweeted out a new list updated with current NBA contracts, and here is the top 10:

1. Kevin Garnett $328,562,398
2. Shaquille O’Neal $292, 198, 327
3. Kobe Bryant $279,738,062
4. Tim Duncan $224,709,155
5. Dirk Nowitzki $204,063,985
6. Joe Johnson $198,647,490
7. Jason Kidd $193,855,468
8. Ray Allen $181,127,360
9. Chris Webber $178,230,218
10. Paul Pierce $169,486,218

If you rolled your eyes at those guys, at least they care all great players, but No. 12 on the list is Jermaine O’Neal. LeBron is 24th, but he has a couple big contracts ahead of him.

What about Michael Jordan? He’s 87th at $90 million. But his endorsement money (to this day) would vault him way, way up the list.