Doug Collins wants to coach 4-5 more years, and Olympics


Doug Collins name keeps coming up in the coaching search for Team USA, to replace Mike Krzyzewski.

Collins name draws headlines but he is well behind in this race. The front-runner should be Gregg Popovich — but there are issues to be worked over with USA Basketball President Jerry Colangelo — and behind him the name we hear is Doc Rivers.

But Collins (a member of the 1972 Olympic team that was screwed out of a gold medal) keeps saying the right things, as he did to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“It’s a tremendous honor that somebody would even throw my name out there,” Collins said. “It’s four years down the road and I understand in this business you hope you are an active coach at the time.”

Active coach is the key. Collins said he wants to coach in Philly that long.

“I am hoping that I am still active and I would like to coach four or five years in Philadelphia,” he said.

Philadelphia is going to be an interesting team to watch this season. Bringing in Andrew Bynum gives them something that makes them a matchup challenge for every other team in the East, but we need to see how Bynum adapts to being the focus of the opposing defense, not a secondary player. We need to see how he melds with Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner, and we need to see how as a team they deal with adversity.

But Collins is a guy who should be able to lead them.