What did Joe Johnson do when he got traded? Traded himself on NBA2K.


How did Joe Johnson learn he was traded from the Hawks to the Nets? He got a phone call that morning from the GMs involved that it was likely to go down later in that day, the new Nets wingman told Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated.

But that wasn’t the best part of the story or the exchange.

Johnson: So around noon, I’m sitting there playing a video game, and I look at ESPN, and there it is: “Breaking news.” And I had just gotten off the phone with them!…

SI.com: What video game were you playing?

Johnson: NBA 2K.

SI.com: And were you playing with the Hawks? Did you immediately reset and switch to the Nets?

Johnson: [Laughing] Me and my home boy, we just kind of sporadically pick teams — we kind of just close our eyes and pick one. But I did go right away and trade myself to the Nets, and I’ve been playing with them since.

And Johnson said he was fair, he did the trade as it went down, he didn’t stack the deck for the Nets on 2K. Which is totally what Mikhail Prokhorov would have tried to do, if he played video games.

Go read the rest of the Johnson interview, there is some good stuff in there.