Wade says he felt bad for Derrick Rose, wanted to play Bulls


NBA players — professional athletes in general — do not want to see an opponent go down injured. Especially one of the other team’s best players. There but for the grace of God and all.

So when Dwyane Wade was on Chicago Tribune Live on Comcast SportsNet Chicago and was asked about what happened to Derrick Rose, he said he was sympathetic.

“You just feel bad for him,” Wade said of Rose. “We all deal with injuries and every time you deal with an injury, you hope it’s not the big one. You hope it won’t end your season. So to see a guy like D-Rose, who was battling injuries all year, minor injuries, and then it took its toll. And it was sad to see….

“We didn’t want to see it and we want to play the Bulls. We want to play the best teams,” Wade said. “We want him and his family to be fine, so to hear he was in high spirits and doing well, outside looking in, as a fan of the game, I’m excited for him.”

We all wanted to see the Heat and the Bulls… well, not Boston fans, but everyone else. Those were the best teams in the East last season, it seemed destined. Now, who knows if or when we’ll get to see it.

And like Wade, we all want to see Rose back on the court. He makes the game more fun.