Akron putting up signs saying “Home of LeBron James”


While that nearby city Cleveland still treats the name “LeBron James” like Hogwarts treats the name “Voldemort,” Akron is a different place. With a different feel. And a different story.

Akron is where LeBron was born and raised, and there he still has fans. Family and friends that love him.

And now he has signs, too.

Nine entrances to the city of Akron will have signs that read “home of LeBron James, 2012 Olympic Gold Medal, 2012 NBA Championship, 2012 NBA MVP. Here are the details from the Beacon Journal (via The Basketball Jones):

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic also unveiled the newest honor to Akron’s most famous resident ¬¬— blue and white signs that will be posted at nine major entrances to Akron that proclaim the city his home.

“For my money, he’s the greatest Akronite because he cares about Akron,” Plusquellic said.

The “greatest?” More than Angie Everhart? More than the guys from The Black Keys? More than Mike or Bob Golic? More than Grandpa Jones from “Hee-Haw?” More than Harvey Firestone (as in the tires)?

Yup, probably ahead of them. Firestone is close.

But I’d have him third, behind all the guys fro Devo and the winner overall, Chrissie Hynde (the Pretenders). LeBron’s going to need more rings to get past them.