Quote of the day: LeBron James says biggest change was him


“It’s been a… huge turnaround. I think the biggest turnaround for me, personally, who I was and who I became in this last year, it’s a big turnaround. That’s what helped me get to those accomplishments. And I just didn’t take anything for granted.”

— LeBron James, talking to ESPN about his incredible year that featured an NBA MVP, an NBA title, an NBA finals MVP and a gold medal (a feat only Michael Jordan has ever done before). Transcribed by Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel.

Not to go all Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror” but LeBron has said this before, and those around him have said it as well — he needed to mature, accept the fallout of “the decision” for what it was, become comfortable with himself and then he could move on. He seems to have done that, based both on results and another quote in the ESPN interview.

But, for me, I went through a rough patch, and then I was able to figure it out and continue to be myself and I accomplished a lot of my goals, so I’m in a great place.”