Chauncey Billups wants to be ready for start of season


Chauncey Billups wants to go out on his own terms. Not as a once-fantastic player and NBA finals MVP whose career was cut short by an Achilles injury, but as a guy who came back and helped the Clippers reach new heights as both a player and almost an on-court coach.

It usually takes about a year to come back from an Achilles injury, which would normally have Billups back after the first of the year. That’s not his plan, Billups told Vincent Ellis.

Talked to Chauncey Billups over weekend. Said he aiming to be ready by the regular season. Busy rehabbing left Achilles.

Never trust a player when they say they will come back, they always rush things, but no doubt Billups is working hard. The Clippers could use him, the sooner the better. Last year the Clippers at times looked young and rushed, Billups brought stillness to the offense when he was on the court.

It’s a tough summer for the Clippers because they got a better — Jamal Crawford, Lamar Odom — and may be the third best team in the West, yet in Los Angeles after Dwight Howard and Steve Nash it is like they don’t exist. Billups can help them through it all.

But only if he is healthy.