Baron Davis keeps saying he wants to be back for next season


NBA players in their 30s who tear both their ACL and MCL don’t often make a comeback. Those that do tend to have been the fittest of players, ones known for committing to and sticking with their rehab efforts.

So, there are a couple strikes against Baron Davis coming back to the NBA.

But he wants to be back next season. He keeps saying it. I keep saying I want a back massage from Kate Hudson.

Still, Davis is working to get back on an NBA court. And he said he wanted to do it by next season again, this time to Hoopsworld at his 3rd Annual Kickball Game in Los Angeles to benefit the Rising Stars of America.

“I’m feeling good, getting there,” Davis said on Sunday. “A lot of rehab. A lot of rehab. My summer is just consisting of rehabbing, focusing in on this foundation and these kids and doing as much good as I possibly can with my time off.”

A source close to Davis said he intends to return to the league this season.

I wish Davis the best. I hope he makes it back. But I wouldn’t bet on it. And I wouldn’t bet for this season for sure — it is a full one-year recovery for most players from that injury. Which means unless a team wants to add him for the playoffs next season — something unlikely at best — the 2013-14 season seems more likely if it is going to happen.