Just to confirm, Kevin Love’s knee injury nothing serious


It was the one actual frightening moment in Team USA’s thumping of Tunisia on Tuesday — Kevin Love attacked the rim in the third quarter and in doing so banged knees wit the Tunisian defender. It was one of those random, unintentional things that can happen on any play.

Love went off the court, grabbed his knee and at the next break in play limped over to the bench.

But quickly it didn’t seem too bad. Within few minutes the trainer was gone, Love had ice on his knee for a while then soon after working it out. By the fourth quarter he was back in the game. So we were pretty sure it wasn’t serious. That is something confirmed after the game, Love will be fine.

Team USA has Wednesday off (something long planed by coach Mike Krzyzewski) another chance to rest it if need be.

Expect to see Love back in for the USA against Nigeria on Thursday, which is good. After a sluggish start with Team USA this time around (when his minutes were threatened) he started to step up with the tune-up game against Spain and since then he has solidified his place in the rotation. Which is good, they need his size. Especially, starting Saturday against Lithuania. But Love is fine and will be good to go.