Tony Parker admits he is “totally out of shape” for Olympics


When you have a shard of glass in your eye that needs to be surgically removed and can cost you your vision if it shifts, you have a really good reason to take some time off from working out.

Which is what Tony Parker has done since getting hit with a bottle during the Drake/Chris Brown fight in a New York Club. He’s back now and wearing goggles because of it.

But the month off has left him “totally out of shape” he said during the broadcast of France’s loss to Team USA. Paker was 4-of-11 shooting with four turnovers overall. In the first quarter he was looking like the Spurs point guard we all know, carving up the American defense and getting into the paint to create. But due to a combo of conditioning and the USA’s improved defensive pressure, he was not able to get the same looks as the game went on. And Team USA pulled away.

For Spurs fans, him playing his way into shape and getting used to competing in the goggles at the Olympics is a good thing. Let him do it playing games at a high level of competition.

France has a huge game against Argentina coming up on Tuesday.