Deron Williams says last season his toughest “by far”


Basically Deron Williams has confirmed what we all already knew — it sucked to be a New Jersey Net last year.

There was the 22-44 record (that’s a lot of losing). There’s being a lame duck team in the last year in New Jersey, where fans became indifferent. There were the constantly swirling trade rumors.

Deron Williams told Hoopshype (with Team USA in Barcelona) it wasn’t much fun. He said it was its worst year in the league..

Yeah, by far… Yeah, we won 41 games and I played 28 minutes a game as a rookie. Last year was a lot tougher than my first year by far.

But he came back to lead the team into Brooklyn. A team that is very different than the one last seen in Jersey — Joe Johnson, a healthy Brook Lopez and more. Williams said he almost did go to Dallas instead.

It was good to be able to choose where I wanted to go. But it was very stressful trying to make a decision because I was really torn between two teams.