Ben Wallace “50/50” on returning to Pistons or retiring


The Pistons are going young and they are hoping that just drafted Andre Drummond can live up to the hype and be at the heart of that movement.

But should the Pistons bring back Ben Wallace for an 18th season as a mentor? Does Wallace want to do that, or does he want to retire and just drive around in his batman car.

Both sides are weighing their options. Wallace is on the fence and is at the annual Summer League he hosts in Virginia. There he spoke with local television station WTVR and the Detroit Free Press had this from the interview.

Speaking with Richmond, Va., TV station WTVR, he said he is “50-50” about returning to the Pistons. According to the report, Wallace was preparing to participate in a summer league he sponsors, and he indicated his performance would help him decide.

“I’ll be out here,” Wallace said. “How much of a player (he still is) remains to be seen.”

Wallace’s production has fallen off the last couple years in Detroit. He played 15 minutes a game for them last season and averaged 1.4 points and 4.3 rebounds a game with a PER of 10.7. His defense has slipped, too. What minutes he did get last season will go to Drummond and second-round pick Khris Middleton.

So do the Pistons want to pay Wallace to come back and be Crash Davis for a season, or do they just go young and let them learn lessons the hard way? Does Wallace want to come back?

We will find out soon enough.