Blazers waive Dan Gadzuric, so you can pick him up


Is this it for Dan Gadzuric, or is one more team going to give him a slot at the end of the bench as a backup?

The Blazers are not willing to do that, they waived him on Thursday. Which was to be expected, he was thrown in the Raymond Felton trade as filler and was never going to stick.

The former UCLA big man has a decade in the NBA but spent much of last season in the D-League and played just two games for the Knicks last year. He has played 44 total games over the last three seasons in the NBA.

It’s not inconceivable that some team will give him another shot at the end of the bench for the veteran minimum, or more likely might some team give him a shot mid season after an injury this their bench.

Maybe. Or maybe this is it.