Reports: Blatche, Birdman could be amnestied by end of day


Tuesday is the final day teams can use their amnesty clause on players this year and a couple of players likely will be waived before the day is over.

Two guys being reported as likely targets are Andray Blatche in Washington and Chris Anderson — the Birdman — in Denver.

Blatche would not be a surprise, he has been rumored to be a candidate for a while and the Wizards are leaning toward making the move, reports David Aldridge of

There are two good reasons for the Wizards to do this. One is to get Blatche’s remaining $23 million deal off the books, freeing up that money to chase other players (the Wizards would still have to pay the money to Blatche, minus whatever a team would pick up in a waiver bid, but Blatche would come off the official books). The second reason is part of the locker room house cleaning in Washington — the Wizards want to change the locker room culture and sending the underachieving Blatche out is part of that.

However, Ben Standig of suggested to me at Summer League he wasn’t sure the Wizards would do it because management seems to hate the idea of paying a guy for nothing, paying him to just go away. They might rather bury him on the bench and try to move him later. He said it’s close for them.

The Anderson rumor comes from the plugged in Gery Woelfel of the Journal-Times in Wisconsin. Anderson is owed $9.3 million over the next two years and seems to be playing a decreasing role. If Denver is going to pay JaVale McGee $10 million a year for five years then letting go of Anderson saves some money.