Report: Phil Jackson trying to get into Blazers front office


I remain convinced that Phil Jackson doesn’t really want to return to an NBA bench, what he wants is a consultant-style front office gig.

Portland general manager Neil Olshey apparently talked to Jackson about coming is as Blazers coach, but he said no.

Because that’s not his goal, reports Jason Quick of the Oregonian.

Phil Jackson has interest in joining the Trail Blazers in a non-coaching role, a source close to the legendary coach said, but it is unclear whether owner Paul Allen has interest in Jackson.

“Phil would be interested in talking about a possible role in the organization,’’ the source close to Jackson said. “My sense is there is a lot Phil can offer by being there, be it handling players, advising trade scenarios, managing coaching staff … I think he would be a tremendous adviser to the owner.’’

With everyone talking to owner Paul Allen and his Vulcan Inc. team, does he really need another advisor? Another voice in his ear?

Would they even really get along? Jackson’s relationship with management above him has always had an undercurrent of tension. Paul Allen doesn’t seem to like that in his working relationships.

Which is all a way of saying, I can’t really see this happening.