Ray Allen takes out newspaper ad to thank Celtics fans


Ray Allen knows full well that the next time he steps on the parquet in Boston he is going to get booed — he broke up Boston’s “big four” to join the rival Miami Heat.

But Allen is trying to be classy about it and took out a full-page ad in the Sunday Boston Globe to thank Celtics fans for his five years with the team.

Dear Celtics Fans, for the past five years, my family and I took great pride in calling Boston home. We have loved living in this city, being members of the Celtics family and being part of your community. These memories will be cherished forever. From my heart, THANK YOU Boston for this incredible journey. Ray Allen #20.”

Well done, Ray. Some Celtics fans will never forgive… of course, that is the same subset of Celtics fans who would have pulled the trigger to trade him to Memphis at the last trade deadline. Loyalty is a one-way street for fans.

But most Celtics fans are smart and understand, they will remember Allen for the title and big threes, for the way he handled himself in the organization. Right now it’s not pleasant, but they will move on and forgive.