Video: Kyrie Irving, Kobe Bryant talk trash over 1-on-1 game


That is classic.

Kyrie Irving challenges Kobe Bryant to a 1-on-1 game for $50K (with talk of a charity involved at one point) and then the trash talk ensues. Just stick with the video, get past the agreement and watch Kobe just be Kobe. Revel in his Kobeness. This is the new gunslinger in town challenging the current champ.

Irving tells Kobe “You’re not going to lock me up.” Kobe responds saying he’ll need a pick to get Kobe off him. And Kobe calls him “sonny.”

Kobe Bryant can drop 50 large like you can drop money on a Diet Coke, and while is not poor it’s still a chunk of change for him.

Hat tip to The Big Lead and Blue Planet for this one.