Report: Bulls trade Kyle Korver to Hawks


Kyle Korver is taking his three-point shooting down south.

Korver has been traded by the Chicago Bulls to the Atlanta Hawks, reports K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. And it’s not exactly a straight swap, it involves the Timberwolves and could involve Chicago getting Kirk Hinrich back in a sign-and-trade.

The Korver trade to Atlanta means the Bulls won’t have to pay him $500,000 had they waived his $5 million non-guaranteed contract.…The Korver trade is via Minnesota into Atlanta’s traded player exception, meaning Bulls get 2nd-round pick from Minny and save $500K.

The Hawks reportedly had been out of the deal and Korver appeared more headed to Minny earlier in the week. But things change. Fast.

Korver has one great NBA skill — he can knock down the three. Last season he shot 43.5 percent from distance, giving the Bulls 8.1 points and 22 solid minutes a game. Well, that was in the regular season, his production dropped off in the playoffs.

The Hawks were looking for shooters after sending Joe Johnson to the Nets. Which they were happy to do to ditch a massive contract, but you still want to get some of those points back.