Brendan Haywood amnestied by Dallas Mavericks


It was going to happen eventually, the only question is would it happen this year or next. The answer is this.

The Dallas Mavericks have amnestied center Brendan Haywood, Marc Stein reports at ESPN. The big man was owed $35 million over four more years.

Haywood now goes into a special waiver wire where for the next 48 hours teams under the salary cap can bid to take over a portion of his contract and get his services. It is believed the Bobcats would put in a bid, other teams may as well. Highest bid wins.

At age 32 Haywood had a rough year with Dallas last season, giving them 5.2 points and six rebounds a game in 20 minutes. Those numbers are not far off his career averages, but in previous years he got those points efficiently, shooting 56 percent or higher. Last season that fell to 51.8 percent.

If a team can get him for a couple million dollars and bring him off the bench as a backup big, he’ll fill that role competently. Like a lot of big men in the league, he was just overpaid because of scarcity.