It’s official: Deron Williams signs with Nets, is very rich

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Deron Williams will say this wasn’t about the money, and to a degree that is true — he would have made a lot of money wherever he chose to play. So really, him deciding to stay with the Brooklyn Nets was about the franchise and where he wanted to play.

But it is still a lot of money.

Nets GM Billy King was in Las Vegas to make it official, and not long after midnight Eastern time Williams put his name on a five-year, $98 million contract, reports Ken Berger of To be accurate Williams has the option to opt out after four years or pick up his option for the fifth year.

Hopefully in Vegas Williams and King were able to find a place to celebrate.

Despite all the Dwight Howard talk, keeping Williams in house was the Nets top priority this summer. So show they were serious about winning they re-signed Gerald Wallace and went out and got an All-Star two guard in Joe Johnson. And his anchor of a contract, but the Nets will deal with that later.

With Williams and that roster — which may include Brook Lopez — the Nets are going to put up points, they are going to be entertaining. They are not going to win a title, without Howard they are no threat to the Heat, but they are good enough to open the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn. They are good enough to be competitive with the established Knicks.

And Williams is the key to all of that.