Kings reach deal to keep Jason Thompson in house


Jason Thompson is one of the NBA’s better kept secrets. Mostly because nobody really watched the Sacramento Kings the past couple years.

He’s a 6’11” athletic power forward who can get to the rim and shot 39 percent beyond 16 feet (good enough that you have to respect it). He scored 9.1 points per game on 53 percent shooting last year with a PER of 16.4 — he’s good and getting better.

The Kings are smart to keep him and have agreed to terms on a multi-year deal, reports the Sacramento Bee. There are not a lot of details but it is supposed to average $6 million a year.

If so, that’s a good signing at a good price. The combination of Thompson, incoming rookie Thomas Robinson and DeMarcus Cousins gives the Kings a good front line on the rise.

The Kings currently have a little cap space to play with, but don’t expect them to use much of it. They will tell you it is the team needing to keep flexibility for when Tyreke Evans and Cousins need their deal extended. That or the owners are cash poor. Take your pick.