Greg Monroe is ticked he was snubbed by USA Basketball


Pistons big man Greg Monroe is in Orlando right now, working out against recent Detroit draft pick Andre Drummond in between games of the Orlando Summer League.

Where he is not is Las Vegas as a member of the USA Select team that goes against the United States Olympic squad in practice.

He’s pretty ticked about that, he told the Detroit News.

“No disrespect to those guys, looking at the Select Team roster, I felt like I should’ve been on there,” Monroe said. “That’s just the confidence I have in myself.”

Who got an invitation to Vegas? DeMarcus Cousins got an invite and while attitude may be an issue with Cousins is probably the young big with the most potential in the NBA, so you can see that. DeJuan Blair is there. Greg Stiemsma got an invite, as did Lance Thomas of the Hornets.

I’d love to hear the argument of how he doesn’t fit in that group. He’s a good passing traditional big, there is a spot for that in the international game.

Somewhere Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett are telling Monroe to use that as fuel.

“I don’t forget anything. Anything. I remember what people said in high school. It’s always motivation.”

KG just involuntarily smiled somewhere.