Report: Reggie Evans headed to Brooklyn in sign-and-trade


Clippers fans are not going to like this.

Reggie Evans, and his physical play and flopping, became a Clippers fan favorite over the course of season. But multiple reports now have him gone from Los Angeles headed to Brooklyn. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports and the NBC Sports Network broke the report.

Brooklyn is finalizing a sign-and-trade deal with the Los Angeles Clippers for Reggie Evans, league sources tell Y! Sports.

The deal is for three years, $5 million total, a sum the Nets can absorb into a trade exception they have. The Clippers will get a future second round pick.

Evans is an old-school power forward who can do one thing exceptionally well — rebound. Last season he grabbed one in five rebounds when he was on the floor, and that was actually worse than the year before (he grabbed 25 percent of the available boards when he was on the floor with the Raptors). He is physical, draws and gives fouls, defends hard, turns the ball over too much but can score on putback and dunks.

Nets fans, you’re going to love him. Ask Clipper fan.