Report: Bulls, Thibodeau nowhere near contract extension

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This is not about next season. This is not Scott Brooks part two.

But it is about the long term in Chicago. And it is about leverage in negotiations. And because the Bulls are not “the Bulls” without Tom Thibodeau and his defense and intensity, he has leverage in contract talks.

The Bulls picked up Thibodeau’s option for next season but the two sides are talking about a long-term deal. But they are not on the same page right now, reports the Chicago Tribune.

And while Tom Thibodeau’s contract extension talks have been ongoing for awhile, significant work remains, according to sources with knowledge of the discussions.

While one source warned the lack of a deal is typical for this stage of negotiations, it’s impossible not to see parallels with the Scott Skiles’ situation from June 2005. Thibodeau’s option for 2012-13 has been picked up. However, after progress on an extension preceding last season, the two sides lately have stalled on contract length and value.

There is a lot of time for this to get figured out, but it’s something to watch.