Report: Rockets talking to Kings about No. 5 pick… unless Robinson is there

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Sacramento’s No. 5 overall pick has been in play since pretty much the night of the draft lottery.

The Houston Rockets have spent the last few days making smaller moves and working hard to get high up in the draft — either to draft Andre Drummond or to turn that high pick into a player like Pau Gasol or Josh Smith.

So, a match made in heaven?

Maybe, but not yet reports ESPN. If it happens, it will happen during the draft.

Trade talks between the Sacramento Kings and Houston Rockets have intensified in the hours leading up to Thursday night’s NBA draft and have put the Rockets in pole position to acquire the Kings’ No. 5 pick if Sacramento elects to trade it, according to sources close to the process.

Sources told that the Kings plan to wait as long as possible before committing to the trade to see who falls to them at No. 5. It’s believed that Sacramento will walk away from the trade if Kansas’ Thomas Robinson is still available after four picks are made.

Robinson isn’t expected to last to No. 5 — he could go as high as second to the Bobcats or maybe fourth to the Cavaliers — but with things in flux it is never out of the question. The Kings have decided to play it close, to wait and see before making a move.

But this is one to watch. We could have two or three trades inside the top five during the draft. (Charlotte is shopping the No. 2 and Cleveland the No. 4).