Report: Top 5 picks Barnes, Kidd-Gilchrist want to avoid Sacramento


There is a lot of jockeying at the top of the NBA draft board… well, not the very top. Anthony Davis is a lock.

But from pick No. 2 on down there are a handful of players that teams like and a more teams trying to get into position to pick them. Will Cleveland jump up to No. 2 to get Bradley Beal? What will the Wizards to at No. 3?

It likely shakes out like this — North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes and Kentucky’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will go fourth (currently Cleveland’s pick) and fifth (currently Sacramento) in some order. Which led to this little note in Chad Ford’s latest mock draft at ESPN.

Both guys desperately don’t want to go to Sacramento.

It is kind of moot for these guys, they have no choice on where they land. If one gets picked by Sacramento they will deny any report they didn’t want to go there and express how much they love to walk around Old Sacramento.

But if they feel that way, what are free agents saying?