A sign the Nets really want Deron Williams. Literally a sign.


It’s down to Brooklyn and Dallas.

Deron Williams is the best free agent on the market this summer and reportedly he either stays with the Nets and leads them into Brooklyn, or he heads to his home town of Dallas, teams up with Dirk Nowiztki and hangs with Mark Cuban.

The Nets want Williams to know how much they love him. They really, really want him to know. Today is D-Will’s birthday — happy 28th! — and the Nets put up a not-so-subtle sign in front of his home today. The Instragram photo was posted by Amy Williams (hat tip to John Schuhmann of NBA.com).

That is so much better than just a Facebook message.

Of course, Mark Cuban has probably hired a blimp to fly around Williams’ house all day flashing a “Happy Birthday from your friends in Dallas” message. Or something like that.