Jeremy Lin’s new agent looking to Asia for endorsements


Here is a little trove from the rumor mill: When “Linsanity” was in full bloom and companies from all over the globe were reaching out to him looking for deals, it was a disorganized mess. Nobody seemed to be in charge.

Jeremy Lin has a new agent and marketing man — Jim Tanner — just hired last week. Lin may have cooled on the court but he is still a marketing force (which is why the Knicks will re-sign him) and Tanner told Liz Mullen of Sports Business Daily he’s looking to deals from the East. And we don’t bean Boston.

“He has an extreme amount of interest from any number of companies, including companies in Asia.” Tanner would not name any of the companies interested in Lin, the first American-born player of Taiwanese or Chinese descent to play in the NBA. Lin currently has existing deals with Nike, which signed him after he was undrafted, and Volvo who signed him earlier this year. Tanner will work collaboratively with Lin’s existing agent, Roger Montgomery, on his NBA affairs, including his free agency.

The Knicks won the right to use Lin’s Bird Rights to re-sign Lin, who for marketing reasons wants to stay with the Knicks anyway. There’s not much to the free agency, really.

But he needs to strike the marketing iron, and Tanner sounds like he gets it.