LeBron James says his life is like an amusement park


What’s it been like to be LeBron James the past couple years?

The Miami Herald got LeBron to answer that in a rare moment of unscripted honesty.

“You ever been to an amusement park?” he says. “That’s what my life has been like. Twists and turns. Up and down. Uh-oh, here we go, the roller-coaster is going into the dark hole again. Where’s the light? There’s the light. Up and down. Back into the dark hole. Back in the light. That’s what my life has been like.”

But more than ever the past few months, LeBron has seemed comfortable with it.

Some have called it determination, but LeBron doesn’t play at his peak if he’s not comfortable, if the game’s not fun for him. Right now, he seems to have found that mental place. Maybe it’s because his fiance and kids have moved down, maybe he’s just used to it. Whatever it is, he’s able to play at a high level, take command of the team from a banged up Dwyane Wade. The demands on him in these finals are plenty, but he’s carrying that far more comfortably that ever before.

And with two more wins, the ride will come to a stop. For now.