Report: Dion Waiters lottery promise from Phoenix


One day into the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago last week, Syracuse guard Dion Waiters shut it down — he was not working out for any more teams. That means he got a draft promise from some team.

Who? How about the Phoenix Suns at No. 13? That was the early rumor and that’s what Gery Woelfel of the Journal-Times was told.

I’ve been told by two NBA officials that it is the Phoenix Suns, who pick right after the Bucks

The Suns may have a lot of minutes to give out at guard if Steve Nash leaves as a free agent.

One thing to watch: Don’t be shocked if some team like the Raptors (No. 8) pick him as part of a pre-arranged draft day trade. That way the Suns get their guy and the Raptors would get the No. 13 pick and another player (or future pick).