NBA Finals Game 1: Heat 54, Thunder 47 at halftime


It felt a little like two fighters feeling each other out in the first round of a 12-round match.

After one half Miami is up 54-47 and you can make a case that both teams should feel lucky.

Miami outplayed the Thunder, especially on offense where they were able to get into the lane and then role players were knocking down shots — Shane Battier had 13, Mario Chalmers had 10 and the Heat were 6-10 from three. LeBron James had 14 but a quiet 14. You can be worried that you outplayed them and are only up 7, or you can say LeBron has yet to take over and you already are up 7. You a glass half empty or half full person?

The Thunder struggled defensively and that has to change. They seemed a bit taken aback at first by the athleticism of the Heat defense, yet they shot 56 percent for the half and Durant has 13 points. Again, they shot that well and are down 7 at the half, that may be a concern.

But you just feel the Thunder will make a run in the second half and this will get interesting.