Miami “zombie” victim’s post-surgery words: “Go Heat”


Ronald Poppo has had as bad a couple weeks as a person can have. The Miami man was homeless to start with, then on May 26 a naked crazed “zombie” in an altered condition attacked him and ripped so much of Poppo’s face off he was unidentifiable.

He’s gone through a couple weeks of surgery, has lost one eye and may never have full vision in the other, has an infection in his face, still needs to have his nose reconstructed and will be in the hospital for a while.

But he is in remarkably good spirits and according to a report from Gawker (warning: graphic image at that link) he had a message he wanted to get out.

Dr. Nicholas Namias spoke with Poppo this morning, and said he had two words he wanted to convey: “Go Heat.”

Good to see the support, because if LeBron James doesn’t have a spectacular finals his haters will come out like zombies looking for their own pound of flesh on social media.