LeBron really doesn’t care that Kobe Bryant isn’t in finals


Seriously, I can’t wait for the games to start so we can talk about those.

Because right now the conversation has evolved to what Scott Brooks thinks about Russell Westbrook’s fashion choices and who LeBron James wishes he had played in the finals.

Actually, LeBron doesn’t really care who is lines up to play him in the finals. That’s what he said when asked if he was disappointed he hadn’t faced Kobe Bryant in the finals the last two years. Via Ben Golliver (of Blazers Edge and Eye on Basketball).

“LeBron and Kobe? I was disappointed that LeBron [versus] whoever it was didn’t happen. I didn’t give a damn if it was Kobe or not. Hey, listen, I understand it’s LeBron and Durant — that’s you guys’ storylines. I’m in the Finals so it doesn’t matter. I don’t care who it’s against. It could be us against a college team or high school team.”

LeBron has been in the finals two straight years, it’s not on him this matchup hadn’t happened. It’s on Kobe.

And what is he supposed to say here? Why should he care? If he says he is disappointed not to be playing Kobe it’s a slight to Kevin Durant. If he says he doesn’t care, Kobe’s oversensitive fans will take that as a slight to their hero.

Whatever. Can we just start playing the games?