Video: LeBron James hits a massive dagger three to end the Celtics’ hopes and dreams


The Bosh threes were what won the day. The Wade and-one and jumpers were what ran them out. But this LeBron James dagger pull-up three with 5:46 to go? That was when the Celtics knew. It was not their day. Their day is over. It is the Heat’s day, the Heat’s world, the Heat’s time, in the East, for now, and again.

And you can’t be upset if you’re Boston. What are you going to do? That’s an impossible shot. It’s not a good shot. It’s not quality offense. It’s the same kind of shot Paul Pierce hit in Game 5 to put the game to bed for Boston, only so much more dramatic. The Celtics would not get closer than five after that shot.

Game over.