It’s summer, time to start up Andre Iguodala trade rumors


Like ants at your picnic, oppressive humidity in New York or outrageous gas spikes in California, there are just certain annoyances we have to deal with every summer.

In Philadelphia, that is Andre Iguodala trade rumors.

And they are on again, reports Chris Broussard at ESPN.

The 76ers are looking to move Iguodala. They believe youngsters Jrue Holiday and Turner won’t grow to reach their potential as long as Iguodala is there.

He suggests a previously rumored Iguodala for Rudy Gay trade between Philly and Memphis should move forward. I have heard rumblings that the Lakers would explore Iggy as part of their shopping Pau Gasol around. Frankly, every team but the Bobcats will probably come up in the rumors.

And most likely, just as it always has been, no deal will be made and Iguodala will be a Sixer next fall. But know the rumors are coming like ants to your picnic.