Even Doc Rivers is hurt for the Celtics. It’s that bad.


Jeff Green. Chirs Wilcox. Avery Bradley. Jermaine O’Neal. Ray Allen. Paul Pierce.

And now Doc Rivers? Come on Basketball Gods, show some mercy.

The Celtics have lost four players to season ending surgery and have a couple of key guys dragging injured bodies through the playoffs. And now you can add Doc Rivers to the list, reports the Boston Herald.

Rivers told the Herald he has been diagnosed with a herniated disc and that he took an epidural to relieve the pain.

“It’s been going on for about four weeks,” he said. “I think it was in Game 4 or 5 against Philly that it really got bad, so I just went in and took the shot.”

Doc has always been a players’ coach, but this is really taking things too far. Then again, he was healthy enough to pick up a Game 1 technical.

He may need offseason surgery to fix the problem. But like his players he refuses to use it as an excuse.