Video: Rajon Rondo has “big game DNA”


CSN New England’s A. Sherrod Blakely talks about Rajon Rondo’s “big game DNA” after the Celtics Game 7 win Saturday night.

It should be noted that Rondo’s Game 7 career averages entering Saturday were 10 points, 6 rebounds, and 9 assists, which is obviously good, but not by any means monstrous. Still, Rondo’s ability to take over the game should not be understated. A recent study showed Rondo as one of the league leaders in “hockey assists” (passes which lead to a pass which leads to a score. What’s maybe most amazing is that Rondo had a shaky if not terrible Game 7 until the fourth quarter. He piled up the assists, but not at his usual hyper-productive rate, missed several layups, and turned the ball over seven times.

And yet, he was still the reason the Celtics won the game.

This is what’s great about the NBA, player like Rajon Rondo, that leave the debate open while extending their team’s season and making memories for the fans. Rondo’s a lot like pizza. Even when he’s terrible, you’re still going to have it because it’s freaking pizza.