Josh Childress sets dubious free throw record


Josh Childress, the former Hawk sixth man who bolted for Greece and was coaxed back to the NBA by Phoenix, wasn’t impressive this season and fell out of the rotation with the Suns (at least until Grant Hill got injured).

But that didn’t stop him from setting a dubious record this season, something pointed out by Paul Coro at the Arizona Republic.

Childress played in 34 games, totaling 491 minutes, and never made a single free throw all season. He was 0-2 from the stripe for the 2012, his lone chance coming in February against New Orleans when he was fouled on an offensive rebound put back. He missed them both.

Childress has never been a guy drawing a lot of contact — with the Hawks he usually averaged about 3.7 free throws a game (give or take), last season with the Suns that fell to 1.1 attempts per game. This year that fell off the table. This is not Andris Biedrins part two — Childress shoots 78 percent from the line, he’s not avoiding contact because he fears the stripe. He’s just avoiding contact.

This was quite the season for guys drawing blanks at the stripe. Second place all time now belongs to Luke Walton who played 364 minutes without a free throw this season. The record had belonged to Dominic Maguire played with his 307 minutes in the ’09-10 season.

By the way, don’t be shocked if Phoenix amnesties Childress.