Eastern Conference finals schedule (starts Monday)


The Boston Celtics don’t mind the short two-day turnaround until the start of the Eastern Conference finals. At least that’s what they are saying now. We’ll see what they are saying Monday night after the game.

So you can set your DVR and not miss a moment, following is the schedule for the Eastern Conference finals. Note that all the games are on ESPN and all of the times below are Eastern. Also, technically everything after Game 4 is “if necessary,” you can decide for yourself how many you think will be necessary. I’m not sure it’s many.

Game 1 -Monday at Miami 8:30PM (ESPN)
Game 2 – Wednesday at Miami 8:30PM (ESPN)
Game 3 – Friday at Boston 8:30PM (ESPN)
Game 4 – June 3 at Boston 8:30PM (ESPN)
Game 5 – June 5 at Miami 8: 8:30PM (ESPN)
Game 6 – June 7 at Boston 8:30PM (ESPN)
Game 7 – June 9 at Miami 8:30PM (ESPN)