Stat of the day: LeBron had some monster playoff games


With the Heat down 2-1 to the Indiana Pacers and no Chris Bosh on the horizon, LeBron James channeled his Cleveland self and, along with Dwyane Wade, carried the Heat into the Eastern Conference finals.

For LeBron’s legions of detractors it does not matter, because nothing he does will matter until he wins rings. Plural. The hatred of LeBron runs deep.

But for those of us still waiting to see how his career plays out before we judge him, you have to admit the guy has put up some big numbers in the playoffs. Not the biggest number. But big numbers none the less. We bring you this tweet from Chris Palmer of ESPN.

It was 13 before this last Indiana series.

He’s going to need to do more of that if the Heat plan to get past the Celtics or Sixers without Bosh and get back to the NBA finals.