GM Grunwald sees “no scenario” where Lin is not a Knick


Jeremy Lin is a priority for the Knicks.

They would like to sign him using his Bird rights, meaning they still would have their mid-level exception to use on another player (say… Steve Nash?). But under the way the new CBA is actually written they don’t have Lin’s Bird rights (because they got him off waivers) and will have to use the mid-level on him. An arbitrator will decide how they get to sign him.

One way or another, Lin will be a Knick, general manager Glen Grunwald said. From the twitter of Al Iannazzone of Newsday.

Grunwald said he can’t see a scenario where the Knicks don’t keep Lin.

Put simply, he can only make $5 million next season, the Knicks would pay that and nobody can outbid them. It’s not that the point guard is worth the league average salary (it’s up for debate), it’s that he is worth far, far more in marketing. For what he brings in, $5 million is a steal.

So Lin will be a Knick next year. However it gets done.