Danny Granger to play in Game 6 despite swollen ankle


Danny Granger’s ankle is swollen up “like a small softball” and if this were the regular season he’s be sitting. But it’s not and he is going to go out there and play in Game 6 Thursday night, an elimination game for the Pacers who trail 3-2 in the series.

How well he can still play remains to be seen.

Granger was honest when speaking to the media, including Brian Windhorst of ESPN, saying he was on a lot anti-inflammatory medications.

“I have to play,” Granger said. “With an elimination game, our backs against the wall, I have to play.”

I know what this means, you know what this means and Granger knows what this means — he’s going to be guarding LeBron James and Lebron will test him early.

“I know when we know a player has an injury, it’s definitely in our mind and we attack it. So I’m sure he will. He’s been in attack mode anyway, and I’m sure he’ll be even more in attack mode knowing that I’m limited. But I rise to the challenge.”

He’s going to need big help from Roy Hibbert and help defenders behind him to have a chance. If LeBron or Wade are able to go off and dominate this game the series will end.

Indy also has to figure out how to replace Granger’s 18.7 points per game and shot creation on the wing if he is not able to produce.