Your Thunder vs. Spurs Western Conference Finals schedule


For your DVR setting purposes (or, if you’re old, VCR), we bring you the schedule for the NBA Western Conference finals. Which right now, with the way the banged up Heat, aging Celtics, underdog Sixers and Pacers are playing feels a lot like an NBA finals.

The series start next Sunday, which means the Spurs will get a week’s rest.

If you’re asking about the East, that conference’s will start Saturday or Monday, depending on if any Eastern Conference semi-finals go seven games. So, bet on Monday.

All times are Eastern. All the games are on TNT.

Game 1 – Sunday at San Antonio, 8:30PM (TNT)
Game 2 – May 29 at San Antonio 9:00PM (TNT)
Game 3 – May 31 at Oklahoma City 9:00PM (TNT)
Game 4 – June 2 at Oklahoma City 8:30PM(TNT)
Game 5 – June 4 at San Antonio 9:00PM (TNT)
Game 6 – June 6 at Oklahoma City 9:00PM (TNT)
Game 7 – June 8 at San Antonio 9:00PM (TNT)