Kevin Garnett calls Philadelphia fans “fair weathered”


Apparently Kevin Garnett thought Sixer fans would not be fired up enough for Game 6 in Philadelphia Wednesday night.

When asked to compare what had been a raucous Garden crowd Monday night to what awaited them in Philly on Wednesday KG decided to take a shot, reports John Finger at

“Not even close,” Garnett said. “[In Boston] you got fans and [in Philadelphia] you got fair-weather fans. Take that how you want.”

Garnett thrives on a negative environment — remember the Celtics 10-0 run to take control of Game 5 came after Garnett drove the lane and thought he was fouled but instead got an offensive call on himself. He was incensed. Boston’s crowd got into it with a lot of boos after the play was reshown on the jumbotron in the building. And then it was on.

Now he’s getting what he wants on the road.

As for the Boston fans, since KGs arrival and through the Big Three era the Garden has been full and loud. Before that when the team was struggling… well, Boston fans looked pretty fair weathered then, too.