Tom Thibodeau: “There’s really no defense for [Rondo]”


Tom Thibodeau is the greatest defensive coach of his generation. He was the guy who helped get the Celtics a ring in 2008 at as assistant, he is the head coach of a Bulls team that wins with the “double D” attack of defense and Derrick Rose (well, at least until Rose went down).

So if he’s heaping praise on how you disrupt defenses, you’re special.

And on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday, Thibodeau was heaping praise on Boston point guard Rajon Rondo (as transcribed by

“There’s really no defense for [Rondo],”Thibodeau told the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday. “He’s an offense unto himself. You can defend him perfectly, you can defend their team perfectly, and he’ll still find a way to create a good shot for somebody. He’s a great decision maker, he has great vision, he’s very smart, he knows how to read defenses, he knows what you’re trying to take away, he knows where the holes are, and he was in attack mode right from the start [in Game 3 against the Sixers].”

Doc Rivers saw it a little differently, he said the Celtics offensive success stemmed out of less “random” Rondo improvisation and more them getting the ball in the post and into their sets earlier. That led to better floor spacing.

Still, nobody is going to argue that Rondo’s court vision and skills at breaking down a defense are right at the top in the league.